Diversity, Sustainability, Safety, Transparency: The Foundation of Our Business

Archstone Builders is leading the way in access, opportunity, and honesty.

Building for a Sustainable Future

Archstone Builders is innovating infrastructure by prioritizing sustainability with every build. We’re eager to explore potential carbon-reducing solutions with our clients and provide cutting-edge tech for climate-conscious projects. Additionally, we’re always assessing our impact. From our daily operations to our on-site procedures, we’re constantly reimagining what’s possible for a cleaner, brighter, and more sustainable future.

Building for the future means investing in durable infrastructure today. At Archstone Builders, we’ve worked diligently to perfect and implement water efficiency systems. The strength of these systems can aid in protecting and prioritizing our most essential natural resources while providing unparalleled quality. Additionally, our dedication to cost-effective and energy-saving heating and cooling systems means comfort and ease while minimizing our effects on our plant.  It’s beyond practical—it’s essential. 

As a member of the ​US Green Building Council​ and leader of many LEED-certified projects, Archstone Builders can incorporate green building practices into all of our projects. We’re proud to offer resources and materials from sustainable sources, with an eye toward recycling and reusing. Our filtration and circulation systems are designed to provide a clean atmosphere inside without compromising our planet’s atmosphere, while our locations are often strategically linked to existing infrastructure to minimize environmental impact. 

Sustainability isn’t about doing one thing well, it’s about creating an internal ecosystem that provides symbiotic benefits across the community with the hope that it might inspire the entire industry.

Climate-focused innovation and design begin with education. That’s why we’ve implemented awareness training and teaching to stay ahead of the curve. It’s our job to not only provide the very best in design, general contracting, and construction management but also to serve the communities that need us. That means responding quickly and critically to shifting ecological needs at the city, state, and federal levels. As scientific knowledge expands, so do our best practices. 

It’s not enough to simply stand for sustainability—we have to build toward it. That’s why Archstone Builders continues to put our beliefs into action with every brick laid, every pipe installed, every building completed. We strive to make each project a shining example of exactly what we’re capable of, so we can enjoy the present and future together.

Diversity & Inclusion
as Pillars of Our Business

For us at Archstone Builders, diversity is multifaceted, intersectional, and integral to all the work we do. Few things give us more pride than celebrating a wide array of backgrounds, cultures,  experiences, and ethnicities. We believe a platform of inclusion is an unalienable strength that allows our business to expand its positive impact.  We emphatically denounce all forms of intolerance, discrimination, and racism. No form of disenfranchisement or bigotry will be accepted at any level of our business, and we look to our colleagues in the industry to join us in actively condemning hatred and discrimination. 

Of course, our values are about more than what we say—they’re about what we do. As a business, we continue to strive to remove barriers and create opportunities. Our Code of Conduct was designed to ensure a workplace that we can all be proud of. Inclusion, openness, and special respect for a diversity of ideas allow our team to aspire toward justice and equity. By building and designing spaces where people from all walks of life can work, live, and engage with each other, we promote safety while empowering empathy and understanding.

Importantly, our dedication to diversity is a top-down priority. We proudly employ a diverse team and continue to practice hiring policies firmly anchored by our goals of unlocking opportunities for previously underrepresented communities. This means knocking down walls and forging a new path forward for women, minorities, veterans, LGBTQ+, and disabled individuals.

This is about more than just our core team—it’s about every business, partner, and supplier we interact with. In our ongoing engagement with local and national businesses, we engage in careful decision-making to procure goods and services for our clients. To create a larger culture of diversity in our industry, we encourage our subcontractors to purchase from diverse suppliers, actively strive to partner with small and diverse firms, and integrate these diversifying principles into subcontractors’ bid package requirements. Across bidding, policy development, data analytics, marketing, materials, and metrics, we put our beliefs into practice through actionable solutions and quantifiable benchmarks. At the end of the day, we extend the same demands of inclusion across the board. We cannot achieve excellence without equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Prioritizing Safety Is Our Top Concern

Building the future is always a risk—that’s why we don’t leave anything up to chance. Health and safety are our top priorities. We believe construction is a people-first industry, and we’ve worked to ensure that every member of our team, every subcontracted employee, and every client feels comfortable and secure from the moment they set foot on an Archstone Builders site.

Safety is a challenge, but it’s one we’ve never shied away from. Through the COVID-19 pandemic, we initiated a multi-level safety and containment program that protected our teams while accommodating our clients. Investing in quality PPE gear, strictly following state and federal guidelines, and implementing new protocols including contact tracing put our team above and beyond expectations. Our ability to adapt to changes in suggested safety measures while remaining on schedule and under budget required innovation and flexibility, reminding us that the best way to ensure safety is by remaining proactive. An adaptable, versatile, and responsive safety program is essential to providing essential care to our team.

When it comes to safety, the construction industry is more demanding than nearly any other. Our job is to mitigate the risks that our workforce takes each and every day while working to build something truly remarkable. The key ways we can do this involve expanding workplace safety measures, staying accountable for mishaps and mistakes, and adopting new technology designed to expand our capabilities and protect our people. Most importantly, we must use each and every experience as a learning opportunity.

We’re determined to surpass safety standards across industries, projects, and locations. What does that entail? Increasing our safety education, enhancing training requirements, establishing more rigorous protocols, and never relenting. We believe there’s always more to be done when it comes to personal safety and wellness. While we’ve worked hard to raise the standards, we’re never satisfied, and we’re never afraid to push further. Our safety is our strength, and we’re improving with each project we take on.

Putting Ethics, Honesty, and Transparency First

Who we are is no mystery. For over a decade, we’ve prided ourselves our full transparency in regard to our ideals, our business practices, and our mission. Where other companies may waver, we believe in open and honest communication. 

At Archstone Builders, we’re proud to work with a team of suppliers committed to the same ethical business practices we founded our company on. We always do our due diligence when beginning a new relationship with an outside business to arrive at a clear and honest picture of how they conduct themselves. We’re proud to partner with organizations dedicated to global human rights, fair working conditions, and an obligation to responsible actions.

Our ethics are unyielding: dignity, integrity, and honest decision-making. That means avoiding conflicts of interest in situations such as hiring, bidding, or even taking on projects. It takes an uncompromising vision to lead in this robust and complex industry. The only way we know how to do it is by remaining steadfast and unequivocal in our principles.

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