Trinity School’s Morse Theater

139 W 91st Street

Trinity School’s Morse Theater

139 W 91st Street

Our renovation of the iconic Morse Theater, located in New York’s award-winning Trinity School, required a complete reimaging of the venue. As a center for learning, expression, and entertainment, we knew the project needed to serve an expansive and diverse community while honoring the building’s history, dating all the way back to 1890. 


The Trinity Morse Theater project began as a heavy demolition job. We coordinated the demolition events around school hours and institutional activities, ensuring continued access to education without interruption. To minimize the potential for disturbances, we crafted customized exterior protections to contain the courtyard, school furnishings, and adjacent buildings from noise and debris.


Strategic ordering and vendor negotiation also played a crucial role in completing the project in a timely and cost-efficient manner. We prioritized long-lead materials, sourcing products, and keeping a close eye on availability throughout the various stages of the project. 


With materials set for delivery, we organized a functional on-site delivery location that could serve our construction needs without compromising the school’s functionality. Material shortages became an unpleasant but inevitable reality during the construction of this project, and with tight schedules and multi-tiered project demands, we worked diligently to reorient as material prices escalated, tracking raw costs daily to work within our client’s budgetary constraints.


As the materials began to arrive at the site, we ran several tasks concurrently, maximizing speed while retaining efficiency. We took the building down to its bones, rebuilding the foundations with new structural steel and wooden joists. 

Project Details


Early project priorities included a new HVAC system, fire alarm systems, sprinkler systems, and electrical services, designed to modernize the theater’s capacity, comfort, and safety. Additionally, we worked to link these updated utilities to an all-new building management system, allowing operators further control over the building. We installed hardwood floors to match the new wood windows and ceiling work, as well as a real slate roof with complementary gutters and snowmelt systems. Finally, we added a new elevator stop to expand accessibility.


As the structure and design work continued, our team worked with industry experts to craft customized lighting, sound, and staging. We brought in the best of modern tech to ensure a smooth digital transition, including an update to the audiovisual and IT services. Additionally, our team created aluminum storefront systems to bring added security to the Trinity community. 


The result was a top-notch, 21st-century theater that will go on to serve generations of students. A historical landmark in the center of a thriving campus, the Trinity School’s Morse Theater will outperform for years to come:


  • Theatrical lights – We installed a state-of-the-art lighting system designed to create the dramatic scenes demanded by a professional-level theater production. This highly intuitive equipment allows for easy control, modification, and readjustment.


  • Slate roof – Crafted with high-quality materials, the new slate roof is an architectural marvel designed to hold up for the long run. With new gutters and an accompanying snowmelt system, the roof offers a classic look with all the benefits of modern engineering.


  • Sound control studio – From the voices on stage to the music carrying the show, this theater is outfitted to entertain with its modern and dynamic sound control studio. The studio was designed from the ground up to fit the custom needs of the client. 

  • Stadium seating – Comfortable, elegant, and fully automatic, the motorized stadium seats allow for an unparalleled audience experience. We designed a highly mobile seating arrangement that prioritizes flexibility and accessibility.



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